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e-Data for Educational Institutions

If you are a student, staff or faculty at one of the Educational institutions listed below click Access e-Data

Brock University - James A. Gibson Library
Université de Montréal
Cape Breton University
Université Laval
Concordia University
University of Alberta Libraries
HEC Montréal
University of Ottawa
McGill University Library
University of Regina - Dr. John Archer Library
Queen's University

Our economists are available to answer subject related questions from students of subscribing institutions. If you have a question please contact us.

About the Service

This service gives all students, staff and faculty at your Canadian University or College access to Canada's most comprehensive and accurate forecast databases. Your institution will get:

  • Electronic access to over 8,000 regularly updated indicators that forecast the economic performance of Canada, the United States, the Provinces, 27 Canadian CMAs and ten Canadian Industrial Sectors. The Consumer and Business Confidence databases are also included.
  • IP authentication so your users do not have to register individually for accounts.

The price for this service is less than 40 cents per full-time graduate and undergraduate student. (The charge to institutions that subscribe to the Educational Library Service is even less per full-time graduate and undergraduate student.) This represents a tiny fraction of the regular price of over $50,000 we charge organizations from the public and private sector.

If you are a student at a Canadian University or College and are interested in a particular data series, please email us the details and we will forward your request along with information about the e-Data for Educational Institutions Service to your library.

Please call at 613-526-3254 or email us for more information.